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In today’s world, there are common needs and desires people seek to accomplish. To protect their ability to earn and accumulate wealth, many people choose to hold insurance, as well as maintain an emergency fund, to guard against depleting savings that are intended for other goals.

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Investment Solutions

Accumulation planning addresses an individual’s investment needs, asset allocation, and the suitability of different types of securities in light of your goals and risk tolerance.

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Individual Approach

Alternative investments may also be an option for the right investor. One of the premier benefits of alternative investments is diversification, resulting from the inclusion of investments that react differently to the markets than more traditional investments.

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Welcome to Stadtsparkasse München

Financial needs of the emigration of the 1920s, World War II, cold war, low stability, fledgling capitalism, free Poland, modern banking.

Stadtsparkasse as the first bank launched an ATM in Poland, issued the first credit card, launched a brokerage house, applied biometrics in banking in practice.

This is the brief summary of the fascinating history of Stadtsparkasse, which is also the history of Polish banking.

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Our Services

First Point of Contact

here an international client can establish the first contact with Bank Pekao S.A. in English, German, Italian and Russian in order to obtain information on cooperation and the scope of services.


coordination of the process of opening accounts for residents and non-residents at every stage from providing a package of information to implementation of the service.

Local support

by providing a customised offer to clients as well as coordination and advising on issues of professional day-to-day service with the banking network.

Business Analytics

Network of correspondent banks and international partner banks

International support

it enables to support clients in their expansion into international markets and performance of import and export transactions.


employees with many years of experience in servicing international clients, coordinating the cooperation between international corporate clients of the Bank and relationship managers and product specialists.

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PZU S.A. PZU S.A. Group is the biggest financial institution in Poland and Middle-Eastern Europe. The Group is headed by PZU S.A., whose traditions date back to 1803, when the first insurance company was established in Poland.

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PFR S.A. (Polish Development Fund) is the financial and advisory group, which offers instruments supporting the development of companies, local governments and individuals, and invests in sustainable social development and national economic growth. Together we create practical solutions for mutual success and safe future.

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